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I am a father of three beautiful kids of my own, Nick, Viviene and Abigail and two kids of my wife Sofia, Aldi and Afi. My life has been turbulent, to say the least. I have been married three times. Opportunities have come and gone in my life but now I am embarking on the greatest one. The wonderful world of Affiliate Marketing.

My Story


I was born in the Netherlands and through Karen my first wife, she is Australian, we moved to Melbourne Australia, my son Nick was 5 years old, it was 1998.



Exciting times, new place, new opportunities. I was working at Nestle at the time before I left for the Land down under. My brother-in-law Graeme had his own business and offered me a job to get his production of toner cartridges going. 2 months later his business went into receivership and unknown to me that he was in financial trouble.

I was out of a job again, so back out in the job market again. Went to interview and got comments from interviewers that "I was overqualified" and "if I had Australian experience?"

I said to them at the time "isn't that a good thing that I have lots of skills and experience", but I guess they were just afraid, that I would take their jobs.

And to the Australian experience question, I answered, "if you can tell me what that is, I have worked all around the world and so far and I only have come across humans, are you a different type of race down here?". It was silence after that.

It didn't land me the job though, but it gave me a huge satisfaction. That is when I decided to start my first business, the year was 1999. It was a business in promotional products for other businesses to give to their clients.

Although I had many skills, I lacked in business skills. And there wasn't much help around. So mainly my business failed because I didn't have the marketing skills to promote my products.

I focused too much on the products and not enough on my sales network.

I ran out of money and went through my first spell of depression. Back to the job market again.

I scored myself a job teaching manufacturing workers how to program industrial robots. I had done industrial automation in the Netherland for Nestle. How hard can it be and I learned while I was on the job and I learned fast.

It gave me my first inside in how do you teach other people new skills, although the job was way below my ability I worked my way up quickly in the company.

Disaster struck again, my marriage of 12 years broke down, my wife Karen at the time, she had a split personality. She had these enormous mood swings and I couldn't cope with it any longer, so we broke up.



I got the opportunity to become the Service Manager for South Australia with the company I was working for. And I took it. Moved to South Australia to start over again.

Got married again in 2003 to my second wife Janti, she was from Indonesia. The year is 2006, the work was drying up for the company I was working for in South Australia because of economical downturn so I joined a local automation company. To build up their knowledge and skills in robotics and automation.

Forward again 2010 decided to start my own Robotics and Automation company in Adelaide South Australia with a partner. We were doing well and business was growing, we supplied the local automotive market for Holden (General Motors).

The year is 2014 disaster strikes again Holden announces they are going to close the factory in 2017. Going from having a business to no business in a blink of an eye. We close up shop and moved on.



Back to the job market again, scored a job with one of my customers to redesign their product for being automated and cutting production costs.

This time I moved to Perth Western Australia.

The year is 2016, I am being laid off because I was too good at my job, I redesigned their product in 4 months, build a new prototype and it worked 30% better than the old one and was 20% cheaper.

I got laid off because I did myself out of a job and my engineering colleagues were saying bad things about me because they felt that I made them look bad. I can see the point now.

Tried to start up another business in Perth in a different field, but my heart wasn't really in it. My wife decided to play around my back with other guys and my marriage broke down again. I got divorced again.

I guess I am just like a cat, I seem to always land on my feet again. No matter what life throws at me. One door closes and another door opens.

I score a job as a surveyor, working in the mining industry in Western Australia.

Sunrise in the outback
Sunrise in the outback

Work is not hard, just need to walk 16 to 22 km a day with 15 kilos of equipment and do gravity readings in the outback. Temperatures can go up to 45 degrees Celsius. But hey, free exercise, fresh air, meals are catered for and nothing to worry about.

Termites nest
Termites nest

The good thing is I am outside all-day, see the beautiful sunrises every day.

Come across all sorts of wildlife. I can clear my mind and process my thought and become sane again.

I have made a decision that I want to live a meaningful life, I want to have passive income and not having to go to a job again.

The year is 2019, to be exact June 2019. I got married again to my girlfriend and now my wife Sofia. She lives at the moment in Indonesia and I live in Perth Western Australia.

August this year I started my affiliate marketing journey with SFM you can read my review here. I decide that SFM wasn't for me after a one-month trial.

It is now the 26th of August and I remember that I had a look at Wealthy Affiliate before in 2013. Luckily I still had the link on my chrome browser.

I started with Wealthy Affiliate again and realised now what an opportunity I missed in 2013 but hey that is how life goes.

One door closes another door opens. Or what the Chinese say "You can only become a good tea if you go through some hot water"

And believe me, I have been through plenty. I am still very positive and believe in the goodness of people.

In your life, certain things will work out and other things won't. If you worry too much what can happen along the way, you will never start living your life.

You might think after reading this that I had a hard life but I don't see it that way. On my journey through life, I have been fortunate enough to travel to 70 different countries, I have loved 3 women, in my life and live now with the love of my life Sofia.

Eric and Sofia
Eric and Sofia

I have 5 kids, ranging from 26 to 12, they give me love, joy and sorrow, but I wouldn't miss it for the world. Yes, I had adversity in my life, but have no reason to complain.

I am 52 and I have just realised that I am embarking on the greatest adventure of my life. I am going to live a life of abundance. An abundance of love, joy and sorrow with the people I love.

My motto is, live your life today, be the best you can be today, don't put the things you plan to do today onto tomorrow because tomorrow will never come, it is always today!

The Goal of my site

I thought long and hard about this when I was walking through the outback of Australia for a year.

What I like to do is show others how to build their online affiliate marketing business by providing them with useful insides, information, tools. And where they can learn, practice and teach, gaining valuable skills that they need for their online business.

You can start today by reading my post on how do you start online by clicking here

I like to finish with a quote from George Herbert

“Do not wait; the time will never be “just right”. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”

So on that note, I wish you all the success in the world.

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Eric Beins

I am an online entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, a husband and father.
I work from home and anywhere I travel to in the world. 

I started my online business because the world is changing fast and my offline opportunities (Jobs) are disappearing. 

You can do this too and I am here to make your journey easier than mine.
I am here to help you through the muddy waters of the internet.

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10 comments on “About Eric”

  1. Wow, Eric. You have gone through a lot of  things within a very long time. While reading your post, I was wondering why you didn't leave Australia though. It seems you have a very strong connection with the country. Like you have said, many times life tries to bring you down,what's important is how you can bounce backs and you did that somany times. I feel so bad that they could lay you off because some people said bad things about you even though you could createaway to help the company. Finally, you found a beautiful wife and I'm sure she's here to stay. Not just that, you found wealthy affiliate, I believe you can make a lot with this platform and go a long way. I'm happy you are willing to help a lot of people. I wish you success Eric. Cheers!

    1. Thank you, Henderson for your kind reply. We all have our struggles in our lives, the important this is don't let it get you down. It is how you deal with your struggles that you make you a stronger person. Just remember Henderson the people that have success struggled all the way to the point where they got it. The important thing is never to give up, have a cry if you need to, dust yourself off and try again. My dad always told me even if you are on the right track, if you sit down you get run over. So the important thing is to keep moving and Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to do it. 

  2. Hi Eric,

    I must congratulate you on this wonderful post that has simplified how one can start a business online. I agree with you that a website is the solid foundation of online business. You've also introduced Wealthy Affiliate as a platform where one can choose an entry point and the forms of payments available on monthly or annual basis.

    Wealthy Affiliate, indeed, offers excellent training facilities and failure is not an option for people who are serious. Thank you for simplifying what is needed to start online business.

    1. Thank you, Joseph, for your kind comment. Failure is also necessary to teach us valuable life lessons to become successful in life. The key is not to give up and persist. 

  3. You have had lots of variety in your life Eric. I have to say, it does make for a very interesting read.

    It tells me you are strong and resilient. You always keep getting back up and going forward.

    We learn and grow with each experience and that's what builds character and makes us the people we are now. I wish you much success in your new endeavour, it sounds like you have earned it.

    Great post, thank you.

  4. I must say you have indeed gone through alot in general and it has also motivated me to never give up in any situation I find myself, you have made the right move by joining wealthy affiliate, it's filled with awesome opportunities, you are absolutely going to make it here because you are determined and doesn't give up easily, keep rocking.

    1. Thanks, Jeremiah, for your kind comment. Bad things happen in all our lives, dealing with them in a positive and constructive way is key.

  5. Wow! This is a really interesting and educating story I must confess, you have had a whole lot of experience from the past that is worthy of learning from. I felt leaving Australia would have made things better but better still,life doesn't get easier but tougher for us to keep trying till success pops out. This story is a real experience that should be learnt from in all ways of thriving as a champion. Thanks for sharing your great experience.