How Does It Work


How do you make money online?

This is the million-dollar question! There is so much confusion around this topic and there are so many different ways to make money online. It is like the offline world, where you have the same problems. It is about finding the best way to do it.

I guess what we want to know is, " How can we build a sustainable business online, that will work today but also many years from now?".

So if you give me a moment of your time I will explain to you what is involved in setting a sustainable online business up.
Here we go!

Step 1 The foundation of your online business


The foundation of your business starts with a website. This is the like a real foundation of a building, you put concrete pillars in the ground. This prevents the building from falling over.

If you don't have a website of your own, you don't have a foundation. This is important if you want to build a sustainable online business. Yes, you can build your business on top of other peoples websites but if their business fails you fail as well!

So setting yourself up with a good foundation to start off with is necessary for your online business to be sustainable.
Nowadays creating your own website isn't that complicated any more, so there is no reason to not do it and set yourself up for failure.

Step 2 The structure of your online business


So now that you have your website, "What now?". You need to create an atmosphere in your business to retain your customers. By making it interesting for your customers to stay in your business.

Why do you ask? Because if customers leave your website quickly, Google will not rank you on their search engine. If you don't rank, no new customers will come!

How can you retain your customers on your website? Just think about it, when you go to a brick and mortar business and walk through the door, "What makes you stay or leave?".

Customers come to your business with a purpose, they are looking for something. If it is not clear what your business is about, they leave.

This is where CONTENT comes in! Content tells your customers that they are in the right place. Also content gets you ranked on Google search engine in the right place, where your customers are looking.

Step 3 The location of your online business


So they stay in your business because they found what they are looking for. The longer they stay, the better the result with the search engines. The better the result with the search engines the more customers that come.

Content makes or breaks your business! It will also move you to a better location, you will go from a quiet street to a busy one. You can accomplish this with a variety of content.

  1. Text
  2. Video
  3. Pictures
  4. Comments / Replies

Search engines love a variety of content, so do your customers. There are two ways to get to the top of the search engines, either you provide good content or you pay for advertising to be placed on the top.

If your content is bad and you pay for advertising, "What do you think will happen?". You lose your money! If you can't retain and interest your customers in your business, you have no business.

Content is KING! If your content is good you don't need to pay for advertising! You get word of mouth as we call it in a brick and mortar business. Only on the internet, you get ranked on top of the search engines.

All of this you will learn on the Wealthy Affiliate platform in the pieces of training. We use keyword research and you can learn more about it here

Step 4 The money part of your business


Now that you have people coming through your doors in droops, it is time to monetise your business.

How do you make money out of your business?

Here is how you can do it.

  1. You can sell Affiliate Products
  2. You can sell Amazon or other selling platform products
  3. You can sell Products that You Own
  4. You can sell the Actual Website
  5. You can sell Advertising (to other website owners)
  6. You can sell Google Adsense ads (putting ads on your site)

To create a sustainable online business, you need a website, good quality content that creates customers, and ways to make money in your business (6 points above).

Don't try this by yourself! 


Now that you know, "What do you require to make this happen?". You need the skills to do it!
Don't worry we got you covered! You can learn from the best, who will teach you the skills while building your business online.

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Eric Beins

I am an online entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, a husband and father.
I work from home and anywhere I travel to in the world. 

I started my online business because the world is changing fast and my offline opportunities (Jobs) are disappearing. 

You can do this too and I am here to make your journey easier than mine.
I am here to help you through the muddy waters of the internet.

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14 comments on “How Does It Work”

  1. Hi

    I really enjoy reading this article, as it concisely tells you what is required to get a successful website and how to make money from it. As you say it is provide a good experience for your readers, so that they can trust and relate to you and your brand. If people trust you, trust your website then you are on your way to success. It is not easy but with time and patience you can succeed.

    In your experience what is the major sticking point why most online business fall?

    Thank you


    1. Hi Antonio, to answer your question, the four reasons that business online or offline fail are:

      1) People have no idea where to start because they don't make a proper plan for their business.

      2) People will ask every man and his dog for help with their business, unfortunately not all help is good. You should get help from people that have done what you are trying to achieve.

      3) People are not willing to invest in themselves to learn proper business skills, they might have the knowledge but lack the skills.

      4) People give up way to quick, they expect results the minute they start, this is mainly because we live in a society of instant gratification. We expect everything right now! Unfortunately, this is not the way to become successful.

      Hope this answers your question, Antonio? Wealthy Affiliate program helps you with all the aspects of creating your online business and you can start right now for free, no credit card needed.

  2. Thanks for the article.  Like you said at the end, don't do this alone!  That is perhaps the best advice to get, I think.  When you start out on something online and aren't learning from anyone else, it takes a lot of time and trial and error and experimentation to succeed.  That also means it takes a lot of perseverance!  You can shortcut some of the 'learning curves' though if you have someone or courses that teach you!

    1. You are absolutely right Selenity Jade, having help is one of the key ingredients that you need to succeed online.
      But not every help is the same. I can guarantee you that the help and support that you get from Wealthy Affiliate will be out of this world. Thanks for your reply.

  3. Hello,

    That's a nice post. I totally agree with you that building an online business has it's best foundation in starting at making a website. As you have said, it is not hard to do it nowadays if one follows the right path where there's the right information and not scammy approaches. 

    I am confident that when one uses the formula you have stipulated, that is, build a website, create wonderful content that retains visitors, then monetize the site, there's for them every reason to create a lifetime business. One cannot just sit and hope for better, it is safer and more profitable to apply faith and say one can do it no matter the obstacles. 



    1. Boniface I couldn't agree more with what you said. This is one of my favourite sayings 

      “Do not wait; the time will never be “just right”. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”

      George Herbert

      and you just found the best online tool available to start your online business today!

  4. Thanks for these tips on how ti make money online. I have interest in going into online marketing for some time now and I would be retiring from my job. Inahve decided to sell sport wears ;shoe, jersey, etc. Although I really don't know how to it would yeild good profit. I'm glad ti have come across this post which have given me and idea on how I can make money when I eventually start up this business. Thanks once again.

    1. Dane thank you for your reply, you can crystallise your idea within the wealthy affiliate platform and the good part is you can start for free right now. I am glad I could help you, Dane. 

  5. How to make money online has been one frequent question that is most searched on the internet, and this article tends to explain perfectly how to go about it, I was in this same situation about two months ago after been devastated by the scams online I came across wealthy affiliate and honestly the experience has been one of no kind. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. SeunJeremaih I have had the same experience and scams are running wild on the internet. Wealthy Affiliate was a breath of fresh air to me. I haven't looked back since.

  6. Hi.

    Thank you so much providing such a precious post about how do one make money online. You have suggested nicely by some steps to start a online business. I was thinking to start a online business from many days but didn't know the right way to start it. By reading your post I have learned so many information about how to start an online business and how it will be beneficial for me. You have suggested not to start without proper training, so firstly I will try to take training and get much knowledge about it and I will start it.

    Thanks again for this helpful post and to be very honest your post helped me very much. I will share it to others.

    1. Thank you Monalisha, I am glad that I could give you a helping hand. Through proper training, implementation and teaching others, you too can have a successful business online. Thanks for your post and wish you all the best. 

  7. Good, simple and informative post about how to start earning money online. I fully agree the content is the king. 
    There are huge amounts of all sorts of online businesses, programs, and platforms and I appreciate people like you giving honest tips and reviews on how to earn money online. Personally I joined a great online money-making platform and community called Wealthy Affiliate.  

    1. jessetoikkanen thank you for your kind reply. Yes, you are right content is KING and Wealthy Affiliate platform is a great way to get started online as you pointed out.