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You have heard the buzz word Affiliate Marketing and you have had a look online. 
Affiliate Marketing is the fastest growing online opportunity, millions of people make an income out of it.

Where there is money to be made, you always will find scammers who will take your money. I will show you how to learn about affiliate marketing the safe way and how you can avoid the scammers.

What is affiliate marketing?

affiliate marketing

Let's take a look and explain to you what affiliate marketing is. The definition in Wikipedia states:

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

So what does this actually mean? In reality 99% of the time you get paid for the result! This means you need to bring in buying customers! The result is more sales for the business that you are an affiliate off!

Simply said you have got a business with products to sell, you got customers that want to buy the product and you direct them to the business to buy that product. You earn a commission over the sales of the customer.

Why should you do affiliate marketing?


You might say to yourself "Why should I do affiliate marketing?". Let's have a look at why affiliate marketing is the best opportunity to start an online business.

  1. Very low starting cost.
  2. No inventory, no storage of goods.
  3. No sending goods to your customers.
  4. Unlimited income potential.
  5. Get paid in US dollars or Euros.
  6. Get paid every month into your PayPal account.
  7. No need for a business office and extra overheads.
  8. The ability to run your business from anywhere in the world.
  9. The ability to take your business with you anywhere in the world.
  10. The ability to build a sustainable online income.
  11. You can start affiliate marketing with any personal interest or hobby that you have.
  12. No need for personal, you can outsource tasks online.
  13. No need for business insurance.

Now if you have a look at what it takes to start a conventional brick and mortar business, the cost involved, legal paperwork, employees, insurance, etc. In my opinion, there is no comparison!

Even with other online opportunities, like online shops, dropshipping, etc, affiliate marketing is the best way to start online.
How to learn about affiliate marketing will give you the knowledge on how to get started and what to avoid.

Scams to avoid affiliate marketing!

avoiding scams

Unfortunately when there is money to be made people will take advantage of the ignorance of others.
As we normally say knowledge is power. So having said that let me show you some red flags to watch out for.

People selling you outdated information.

outdated data

Be aware that since the take of, of the internet in 1998 Google search engine has had many updates. These updates were mainly to stop people from cheating the search engine and getting ranked on top.

This has let to many people online trying to sell this knowledge to others to make money out of it that way. Google has shut the door and this knowledge is obsolete. The only way to rank yourself in Google is to work with the guidelines google gives you.

If you try to abuse the system and get lucky and find a way to do it. Google will shut you down in the end, your income will drop from one on the other day to nothing.

People selling you pyramid schemes.

Pyramid scheme

There are many scams online where the whole purpose is for others to buy in to keep the system going. The people who started the system are the once making al the money. The people at the bottom lose out.

Red flags with these scams are the earning potential that they show, and all the hype and showing off, that surrounds these scams. Don't fall for it.

A semi pyramid scheme is the multi-level marketing organisation, that pushes product and uses a pyramid structure to organise their payouts. Don't fall for this, not completely illegal, but very hard to get some income out.

Overcharging to set up an online affiliate marketing business.

stop paying too much

There many online businesses that have got a structure of a sales funnel built into there business.
These businesses are not illegal but they will try to squeeze as much money out of you as they can.

This is how they operate, they will get you in with a teaser a free gift of training, when you go through the training you see you are learning and get excited and then they sell you up into the next level of the funnel. This process is not made clear from the start.

Which causes a dilemma with people because they already have invested their time and money. So for them to continue they have to buy into the next level. It is constantly moving the carrot forward.

Yes, you can make money out of these systems but personally, for me, there are way better options and better value for money. I have been in a system like this and you can read my review here if you are interested.

Selling you a secret that will make you lots of money!


Don't fall for this one, this is probably the oldest trick in the book. I have fallen for this one myself, where the guy basically was selling the idea of how to scam others by doing the same as he was doing. 

Sometimes I just wonder, why people are so fascinated with scamming others. For me, I get more joy out of helping others achieve their goals than to try and steal from them.

I believe in the good other people and helping others makes for a better world. It is all about setting the right example so others can follow and do the same.

Selling you an incredible lifestyle.


One of the things you can spot a scam by is the way they show you income, fasts cars, big houses, holidays etc.
They will hype it up and tell you that you too can have that and I guess you can but many of these systems work on the momentum of hyping people up to join or they will miss out.

Let me tell you one thing I have learned, never let any amount of money cloud your vision, never jump in because you feel you will miss out. If a business opportunity is a good one, it will be good today, tomorrow, next year and 10 years down the track.

So it is better how to learn about affiliate marketing and to avoid the scams.

How to do Affiliate Marketing the right way!

the right way

I have seen many people that start affiliate marketing and basically don't understand the core principle.
Here is what they do, they become an affiliate of a business. They think that they need to market the product to everyone to be successful.

What you need to realise is that when you market to people you want to market to the ones that are interested and ready to buy. Most people have many things on their mind, that are more important than buying what you are marketing.

You need to be in the right place and at the right time. Marketing to everyone is marketing to no one. It doesn't work and it will cost you a lot of money on advertising costs.

So how can we do affiliate marketing the proper way? We use niche markets, markets that have got people that highly interested. We position ourselves on top of the Google search engine with purposely written posts that target that audience.

We offer them value and trust in the post and build a relationship with them, so over time, we can make suggestions for products to them. When they buy the product we get a commission.

Now to be successful in affiliate marketing you need skills!

Skills you need for affiliate marketing!

skills needed

Skills are probably one of the things they teach the least in our conventional schooling system.
Schools are usually focussed on knowledge, they have knowledgable teachers that can transfer the knowledge to you but they don't have many skills to back up the knowledge.

It is like having the knowledge to bake bread, doesn't mean that you can actually bake bread. Knowledge is the start, a skill is putting knowledge into practise until you become good at it. Mastering a skill can take years of practice.

The following are skills that you require to do affiliate marketing.

  1. Basic writing skills.
  2. Website building skills.
  3. Keyword search skills.
  4. Social media skills.
  5. Affiliate product skills.
  6. Learning, practising and teaching skills.
  7. Basic computer skills.
  8. Helping skills.
  9. Problem-solving skills.
  10. Mind skills.

Basic writing skills.

writing skills

You don't need to be a professional writer. Most people have got reading skills that go from year 8 to year 14.

That means you don't need to write in a highly complex form of language like some scientists, politicians or lawyers are doing

It is not about impressing people, it is about making it easy for people to read and understand what the message is.

If you write to complex, use too many fancy words, too many abbreviations and people will get confused and stop reading.

So the key is that you develop your own easy writing style that connects with your audience. I can hear you, you are thinking I am not a writer!

And you are right, you are not a writer yet! I wasn't one either you know, I didn't let it stop me from learning and practising and becoming skilful at it.

To be honest with you, it didn't take me that long. And you probably have a huge advantage over me, English is not my native tongue! So don't be selling yourself short, also you, my friend can master this skill.

Website building skills.

The days are gone, where it took real programming skills in HTML to program your website.

By the way, HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language if you didn't know that. It could take you up to a month to create your website shell then.

Nowadays it only takes minutes to create a website shell. It takes a bit to put your content on your site. Many facets have been automated and things have been made simple for us.

So the important skill for a website to master is the designing skill. Layout, spacing, font sizes, colours, conformity are very important. Again something you can learn, practice and master.

Keyword search skills.

You need this skill to determine your niche market that you want to target with affiliate marketing.
This is not a real hard skill to learn and there are special tools that help you with this. You can read more in my post "How to learn keyword research?"

Social media skills.

I am not talking about wasting your time here by just being on facebook, twitter and Instagram.
You can use social media to promote your affiliate marketing business.

Again we are talking about skill here, you need to be careful, not to spam people, else you will be banned.
It is a subtle way of getting people interested by posting your blog post links on social media. And get people to comment on social media and on your post.

Affiliate product skills.

Finding affiliate products that you can promote for the niche market that you are targetting. Again not a hard skill to learn there are special programs that will help you do that.

Learning, practising and teaching skills.

It is important that you are open to learning new knowledge and practising to require the skills, teaching the skills will allow you to master them. We can all learn, practice and teach. This is something we naturally do.

Basic computer skills.

Just having basic computer skills and knowing your way around. The ability to learn and use new programs is essential to your online business. Most of us have got basic computer skills already.

Helping skills.

The ability to help others with problems will open the door to many sales. This is one of the skills you need to master and if you do you will become successful with affiliate marketing.

Problem-solving skills.

Solving problems for others or helping them solve the problems will lead to trust and authority. Ultimately it will lead to sales.

Mind skills.

When you start your own business online or offline your mind can play tricks and you start overthinking things.
This causes you to procrastinate and lose focus on the things you need to achieve for your business to grow and become successful.

That is why mind skills are important so you can recognise when you are doing it.

So on your way how to learn about affiliate marketing, you need to require the skills to master affiliate marketing.
It is a process that you need to follow to become successful and some people will be quicker than others to pick it up.

It is like learning a language, everyone learns it but some learn it quicker than others. The key is not to compare yourself with others and allow yourself to learn it.

Tools you need for affiliate marketing!


There are many tools that can help you do affiliate marketing, here are the main tools that you need.

  1. Website, domain name and hosting platform.
  2. Keyword search tool.
  3. Blogging spelling and grammar tool.
  4. Affiliate product search tool.
  5. Analytics tool.

Website, domain name and hosting platform.

Not all places are equal, there are many web hosting companies out there. Price isn't always the best indicator of what is a good, mediocre or bad web hosting company.

Your website is your authority, your brand over time. It is your foundation for your affiliate marketing business. The website allows you to create a sustainable income over time. The more unique content you got on your website the better you will rank and the more traffic you will get.

Over time your website will provide you with sales every day, building your website on a solid hosting platform is crucial.

Keyword search tool.

Not all keyword search tools are equal. You want a keyword search tool that tells you how many searches there are per month, how much traffic you can expect and how much competition you have got.

Blogging spelling and grammar tool.

Blogging is your main activity to get customers to your website, it is organic traffic. It is important that you minimize your spelling and grammar mistakes. I myself am getting better at writing now, I used to suck at it! 

So I am over the moon that they have got tools now to assist me with my writing. 

Affiliate product search tool.

This tool is a must to look for profitable affiliate products that you can promote in your niche market.

Analytics tool.

This tool you need for seeing how well your affiliate links are working. There is a great tool that Google provides for this. Just caution, when you starting out and you haven't got much traffic coming to your website yet, don't get into the habit of over analysing allow it some time to grow first.

Do not go it alone, you need help.


Yes, you can create your own affiliate marketing business by yourself. It is not impossible but it is easier to get help from people that have gone through the same process and have built their successful affiliate marketing business.

I would be great if you could learn from the people that have the skills already.

The best way to learn affiliate marketing!

Sure you can go and find many of these things online that we discussed above. Yes, it is doable!
There is a platform that has been around since 2005 and they offer a great product for a great price.

I use it myself, this website runs on their platform. Their support and help are excellent.
If you are interested in affiliate marketing then...

When you are interested but don't know about Affiliate Marketing yet, you can click the button below and read my posts on "How does it works?"
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Eric Beins

I am an online entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, a husband and father.
I work from home and anywhere I travel to in the world. 

I started my online business because the world is changing fast and my offline opportunities (Jobs) are disappearing. 

You can do this too and I am here to make your journey easier than mine.
I am here to help you through the muddy waters of the internet.

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26 comments on “How to learn about affiliate marketing”

  1. This was an excellent explanation backed up by a lot of facts on how to learn about affiliate marketing. I enjoyed the read and picked up some good hints and tips that you added and expanded on. I am coming away thinking that online business is something anyone can do if they are willing to work.

    The skills are ones that most people have to a greater or lesser degree and any shortcomings can be picked up as you go along. The tasks are many, so I do think to join a site like the Wealthy Affiliate platform that you recommend makes a lot of sense. It appears that they have a complete site that has everything you need.

    You mention you use it yourself, and that tells me that it must be good or you would not be a part of them. Is there anything else you would need besides that platform to build an online affiliate marketing business? I just would like to have most things in one place to make it easier. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dave, I personally use a free program called Gimp, it allows you to size and edit images. The ones you see on my site. At the start, you don't need much more, all of it is provided within the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

      Once you get more confident and start to make money, you can invest in tools that you think you need.



  2. Work from home is simply the easiest way to earning money in our world today and I must confess the affiliate market is one worth going into. I have been an affiliate marketer for about about two months now, although I haven't been making all the blocks like the big names in it but I must confess after reading some educational post like this one, my marketing skill keeps increasing and I'm making some cool cash for myself. Going by all you have laid down in this post I believe if followed properly, anyone would have a greater chance ot making money in the affiliate market.

    1. Dane thanks for your comment, you are absolutely right, it is understanding the process and having a platform that gives you all the tools you need to succeed online. When you put in the work to gain your skills and start implementing them you will get momentum and things start falling in place.

  3. Thanks for making me understand that learning and becoming affiliate marketer can be feel and possible, but knowing who and where to learn from decides how far one will go, I'm so happy you had to set this post up because many people live within the affiliate world and not know a damn thing about it. This was packed with lots of information to help out both beginners and affiliate marketer to build their knowledge. Much appreciated. 

    1. Thanks, Jeremiah for your comment. Many of us get started with affiliate marketing but don't really know where to start. Having the Wealthy Affiliate Platform makes all the difference, learning from people that are already doing it and making money is a real bonus.

      If you compare it with the cost you pay for going to school it is a complete steal.

  4. For someone like myself that has been in affiliate marketing for over a decade now I wish I had this straight forward guide from the beginning. You did awesome.I wish someone had told me about the mind skills especially because until you get your mind straight and treat affiliate marketing like your business you will just spin your wheels most likely. I know I wasted a few years doing just that,jumping from shiny object to shiny object.

    1. Hi Cathy thanks for your comment, so true, our mind can play endless tricks on us. Getting your focus right and not overthinking things is key to moving forward.

  5. Understanding correct ways of learning affiliate marketing help people not fall into a trap of fancy and seductive programs such as pyramid schemes that claim are able to help people earn money overnight.It is great that you have compiled 10 important skills that we as affiliate are needed in order to set-up our business and become successful.

    The fundamental of learning affiliate marketing and getting master on it require tools and skills that you have explained with rational and convincing language.I am glad to read your article and getting more knowledge trough this blog. It appeasers that Wealthy affiliate is the best platform in the world for becoming successful in affiliate marketing.I liked your review about that as well. Thanks

    1. Hi Shirian, thank you for your comment. I personally like it when I have a clear view of what is involved when I start a business. So giving others a clear view will help them to make the right decisions.

  6. This really is a fantastic post for anyone just starting up with affiliate marketing, in fact, I have picked up some ideas for my own affiliate marketing website, you really have covered every aspect, I myself am a member of wealthy affiliate and I certainly don't have any regrets about joining, in fact my advice to anyone thinking about building their own online affiliate marketing business would be to read this post here on your site and sign up, the free membership option is a perfect opportunity to find out exactly what wealthy affiliate is all about before deciding whether to go premium, thank you for sharing.  

  7. This is the beat guide anyone who wants to engage in affiliate marketing could ever get. It has encompassed everything possible that could be needed in affiliate marketing and I'm really glad I came across this. Firstly, it has cleared all my misconceptions about affiliate marketing and has also provided the necessary tools that I can look out for to make use of in affiliate marketing. This is really great and I  am more willing to getting involved with it now.

  8. Thanks for the explanation of all I need to run an affiliate marketing business. I started out online some time ago and was not making any money even though I sold a few items from my website. I discovered that I could do affiliate marketing with my niche website and earn additional money. So I am now working on it and i am glad for the encouragement I am getting from this article. I am encouraged because a lot of companies are now offering affiliate association. Thanks

  9. Wow, well written I must confess. I didn't know you were talking about wealthy affiliate where I am also a member. I think that it's really good that you can put this up on your website. Wealthy affiliate is truly a good place to get all the good learning experience for affiliate marketing. There's also a community that is always ready to teach others that are joining in. Nice  one!

  10. Thank you for this article. I like what you said about, never letting people pressure you to join. if a business opportunity is good, it won't be urgent to sign up. So many times they try to pressure you with urgency. 

    I would definitely agree with you on the Wealthy Affiliate recommendation. It has such a low start up cost that its really affordable. At first, its free, so you can see if its for you. You get 2 free websites to test things out. Then in your first week there's a deal for you to sign up at $19 for a month instead of the usual $49. It's actually a good price because WA gives you a seriously deluxe web-hosting package. 

    Remember, it takes time to get traffic to your site. I think you made a great article here, very thorough and detailed. Nice outlines as you go and I like your use of horizontal lines under each sub-heading. Thanks!

  11. Hi Eric,

    I like your comment about looking at Google Analytics too much when first starting out, but it's just too damn addictive! lol

    I was just wondering what is the search tool that you are using? Has it led to success with your site and do you have to pay for it?

    If I could make a site that looks like yours, I'd be pretty happy.



    1. Hi Stevie, the keyword search tool that I am using is called Jaaxy, it is included in the premium membership of Wealthy Affiliate, you get the lite version but it does the trick for me.

  12. Hello; There are so many tricksters out there claimed to be doing businesses on the Internet these days that one who has a desire to become a successful affiliate marketer will have to be careful of the hype. I called them wolves in sheep clothing.

    The key thing that will help you to be successful in affiliate marketing is not thought by any of them, You has to get that knowledge by your failures or if you found favour with someone who had made it through. I say this because I am a victim


  13. Wow! I must commend you for this indepth article. I wish I found posts like this when I was about to start my affiliate marketing career few years ago. I suffered and wasted a lot of cash. But then, I found WA through a facebook friend, and that was it. It has being a different story right from that time. Tons of tutorials, awesome tools, and many more. This is a proper guide that's worth sharing.