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Changing World

business closed

The world is changing fast, conventional businesses are closing down. We are buying more and more things online.

You probably have read about it as well, all the new business opportunities are online.

Most of the things we learned in school are outdated, even the things our kids learn now will be outdated when they enter the job market. You probably have wondered about online opportunities, searched for them online and maybe even tried some.

Scam Alert

I don't know if you have noticed or not but many of the online opportunities are scams. They usually work on hipe and the feeling that you are going to miss out. The system will payout initially, just to fuel the hype. Once they get momentum on their side, they start raking in the money from people signing up.

When they reach their target, the system collapses and everyone cries foul, scam, your name it.

After that, the whole cycle starts again. Most of these are pyramid schemes or MLM.

Other smaller scams are people that are trying to sell your outdated information, the will tell you they have the secret to making money online and they do, scamming you.

Red Flag

Here are some red flags to watch out for.

  1. showing off expensive cars, houses, jewellery etc.
  2. pretending to have a secret to make you rich
  3. people in the system showing your earnings made with the system
  4. the hype that is going on, get in or you will miss out.

So how to start a small business online that is not scamming others. A legitimate online business.

Online Opportunities

Online Opportunities

Before you start your online business, you need to investigate what the best opportunity is. I don't know if you have noticed but online shops are popping up everywhere. Amazon, Shopify, SquareSpace, etc.

Do you know what always has been the biggest problems with shops? Customers that buy your goods! I get it why people want to have a shop because it is all they have seen in their life, you go to a shop you buy the product and go home.

Closing down

I don't know about you but when I look around me where I live now, I see many shops come and go. Generally, 1 or 2 years and they are out of business. Online shops are exactly the same. People are so focused on the product and the look and feel of the shop, in this case, their website, that they completely miss the point!

You need paying customers, people think if they built it they will come! It all depends on all where you built it.

You don't need a shop, you don't need products, all you need is to control the customers.


Yeah, I can hear you say, "Now how am I going to do that?". Remember that company that started on September 4, 1998, Menlo Park, CA? Google! They build a search engine and they let people use it for free! How can a business survive if they give their product away for Free?

Did you see what happened again? We focussed on the product! Google is not in the business of selling a product! Googles business is controlling the customers, or maybe better said controlling the access to the customers.

I just gave Google as an example because everyone knows Google. Let's have a look in your neighbourhood where you live. Not so long ago we used to have shopping streets, where people would go and find the shops to buy their products from.

Controlling the customers

The owners of the shops created shopping streets because they understood that a lot of different shops would pull in more customers than just one shop by itself. After that, the concept of the shopping mall was created. All this happened to control the customers.

And now the same thing is happening online, Google, Amazon and many more are controlling the customers and businesses that want to reach the customers. Yeah and I hear your thinking again, "How can I compete with the likes of Google and Amazone?". The answer is simple you don't have to.

The problem that many online businesses have!

No customers

Businesses that are selling products online have the same problem "how do I get customers to my website and buy my products?". So even when you start a shop on Amazon or Shopify you still need buying customers.

Shops that give good customer service retain their customers and they will come back to buy again. The problem that you have got with an Amazon or Shopify shop is how do you create a bond with your customers so they come back.

Here are a few issues that play against you.

  1. Amazon is so big and there are many shops selling the same products
  2. People usually go for the cheapest price or freebies they get
  3. You constantly need to compete with others on price.
  4. You constantly need to find new products to sell.
  5. Everyone on Amazon is looking and copying each other.
  6. If Amazon fails, your business is gone.

And of course, you can make money selling on Amazone or any other online shop but one thing should be clear to you, Amazon is controlling the customers and the shop owners.

I wanted to ask you another question "Do you know where most of the customers that buy on Amazon come from?".

Amazon actually has got an affiliate program to drive customers to their shop owners.

Understanding what customers want!

what customers want

I said to you before, you don't need to compete with Google, Amazon or any of the big players.

You can actually help to connect the customers to the product they want to buy.

If you understand why it is that customers are buying in the first place, with that knowledge you are then able to position yourself in between the customer and the product that they want.


Let's see why our customers buying a product

  1. They need it for their day to day living, food, things in and around the house.
  2. Replacement because something failed or broke.
  3. Their friend has got it.
  4. They saw it on TV.
  5. They saw an advertisement.
  6. They read about it.
  7. It is a trend and they want to participate.
  8. They need it for work or school.
  9. They have seen others with it and want it for themselves.
shopping mall

You probably can come up with a few more reasons yourself.

Now let's see where customers buy their products from.

  1. Super Market
  2. Shop in Shopping Mall
  3. Shop in Shopping Street
  4. Local Markets
  5. Secondhand Shops
  6. Wallmart
  7. Direct from producers
  8. Online from Businesses
  9. Online from eBay
  10. Online from Amazon
on sale

Again you can probably come up with some places yourself where you go to buy things.

The last question is why do we buy from those places?

  1. Convenience, easy parking, all shops at one place.
  2. Convenience, one shop has got all the things you need.
  3. Cheapest price.
  4. The most expensive price.
  5. You have got a personal relationship with the business owner.
  6. You trust the business.
  7. Their Branding of the product.
  8. The product itself.

And again you might have other reasons why you buy where you buy.

What I am trying to show you here is, that there are many different ways to do business with your customers.

Understanding what you want out of your online business!


This is probably the most important when starting any business. Knowing why you want to do that business is very important.

Some of you will say the money of course! So if money was your only concern, why don't you go and scam people or do something you really hate doing but pays lots of money?


So you see money is not the reason and I do understand that some of you have the belief that money can be made easily online and that you can become a millionaire overnight. This will not work for you and there is a reason for that, you don't have the skills yet to do it.

I am not saying you can't, I am just saying you don't know how yet and you don't have the required skills to do it but you can learn and train to be able to do it.

I will give you a few reasons why I started my online business.

  1. More time for myself.
  2. Spend quality time with my family.
  3. Plan my own working hours around my life.
  4. Have a business that I love.
  5. Help others with my business.
  6. No earning limit on the time that I spent in my business.
  7. Being able to travel and still do my business.
  8. Working with and supporting others that have got their own online businesses.
  9. No need for employees.
  10. No need for business premises, useless overheads, storage of products, big investments in your business.
  11. Have my holidays in the offseason or the whole year around
  12. Business runs 24/7 even while I am asleep.

Now that you see what my reasons where for starting my online business, I bet you can come up with some of your own or even copy some mine! It is alright you don't need to be original.

What do you need to be successful online?


I know this has been playing on your mind, it certainly did for me. You might be thinking right now "Will an online business work for me?". I do understand why that question pops up in your mind.

In this case, I think it is best if we annalise the situation. See a question like "Will an online business work for me?" is hard to give a correct answer to. If you would like an answer now, it would be yes, maybe and no.

The key to success is to fraise your questions in a way that you can get a definite answer and you can move to the goal that you want to achieve. Asking yourself or others, questions that can't be answered in one definite way will get you stuck in your mind.

You will keep searching for an answer and your focus on the wrong thing, this will not bring you any closer to your goal.

The question you should ask yourself is "What does it take for me to be successful online?".

You see when you want to achieve things in your life, you will run into roadblocks. These roadblocks will stop you from moving towards your goal. Asking the right questions in your mind will allow you to pass these roadblocks.

Asking the wrong questions will stop you in your tracks, you will procrastinate and eventually, you will give up. Your mind plays a crucial role in your success or in your demise. Understanding how you can use your mind to overcome the roadblocks is crucial to your success and it all starts with the right question.

So what questions should you ask yourself?

  1. How can I move on from here?
  2. What do I need to solve this?
  3. What skills do I need to solve this?

These are questions that allow you to solve your problem and move on to your goal. If you ask "Why did this happen to me?" and your act like a victim, your mind will try to answer it. Your mind will go on a goose chase and if you honestly look at the situation you are wasting your time and energy.

self help guru

I know there are many gurus online that help people to overcome their fears (roadblocks), people pay them huge amounts of money. Is it necessary, I don't think so! Understanding your mind so it will work with you instead of against you, is the key to success.

Your mind is very powerful and you can create an online business if you have your mind working with you and not against you.

Stop overthinking, start doing!


To many of us (myself included) struggle with the problem of overthinking things. We make things more complicated than they need to be.

This is the best advice that I got by far. Why do you ask? Because if you overthink you take away your focus of the things you need to do to become successful.

Your mind is putting your focus on one thing, next thing and keeps doing that over and over again. This results in you being out of control.

Once you start doing, you create more confidence in yourself and you motivate yourself to go on.

Overthinking does the opposite, you create more doubt and you demotivate yourself and eventually, you give up.

The best online opportunity for Affiliate Marketing.


The best opportunity to start online is with affiliate marketing. Why do I say that? simple really!

Let's see why affiliate marketing is the best online opportunity.

  1. Affiliate marketing is the fastest-growing opportunity online.
  2. You can do it from anywhere if you have a laptop and internet connection.
  3. You don't need employees.
  4. You don't need an expensive office, you can work from home.
  5. No need to stock products.
  6. No need to send products.
  7. No need for high initial setup cost of your business.
  8. Easy to learn and do, if you follow the right way.

I honestly believe that every one of you can be successful online.


It takes guts and perseverance to start a small business online.
But it also takes an understanding of what you are dealing with.

What we see and what we witness is not always what is really going on.
Understanding what you are up against and how you're going to solve your problems along the way is the key to moving you in the right direction.

If you are really serious about starting your online affiliate marketing business then...

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Eric Beins

I am an online entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, a husband and father.
I work from home and anywhere I travel to in the world. 

I started my online business because the world is changing fast and my offline opportunities (Jobs) are disappearing. 

You can do this too and I am here to make your journey easier than mine.
I am here to help you through the muddy waters of the internet.

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12 comments on “How To Start a Small Business Online”

  1. You right, it seems so easy to get started with an online business but in reality it can take a long time and a lot of hard work to make it work out. You have to research and have the right mindset. Like you said in the article, I, like many people have issues with overthinking things and the key is definitely to just do it, just let go of those thoughts and carry on. Great article.  

    1. SailingAway thank you for your comment. Many of us have problems with overthinking, I guess it is caused by all the negative news and things we get bombarded with every day. We feel helpless and try to think of solutions for them. 

      But most of these problems are out of our range, so put them to rest and focus on the things that you can do and just do them.

  2. Hi, Eric
    Thank you for sharing about how to start small business online, I thank your posts provide some useful action guide. in this post's content you wrote affiliate marketing at the end, it's allowing people at home to work freely and spend quality time with my family, more Freelancers also like it. I am doing affiliate marketing too. When I first started doing affiliate marketing, I encountered a lot of problems. Now, this post is too important for novices.

    1. JealousLi thank you for your comment, many of us jump in, haven't done our homework first and then wonder why it is not working for us. Knowing what you are up against allows you to clearly set your path.

  3. Excellent article on how to start small business online,your post is interesting and very educative because you made every thing simple and achievable,to have online business,no shop,no employee,no need for high initial setup cost of your business,easy to learn and do, if you follow the right way,yes that is great,I believe dedication,hard-work and persistence does it,thank you for sharing this awesome article.

    1. Thanks, Abayomi, for your kind comment. Knowing what the right way is, is a start. Acting and putting your knowledge into practice will get you where you want to go.

  4. Which is why it is very important to target a smaller portion of the online market. We cannot compete with the big names when starting an online business because these guys are already so huge and established. Targeting a smaller audience would be more productive than going against the big guys. That would in most guarantee failure. That is one of the best ways in starting an online business.

    1. You are absolutely right Jay. With targeting a smaller market we can still work hand in hand with the big boys but we don't need to if we don't want.

  5. Great piece Eric. I have started my own eCommerce business and even though I denied it, in the back of my mind I did think "if I build it they will come". It hasn't been overly successful to date though it is a fascinating journey to understand how people do make money online. Your advice is 100% correct, though generating foot / online traffic can be  more challenging than having a bricks and mortar business, at least then people may walk or drive passed you regularly.

    There are times I did overthink my business and it did become paralysis by analysis. I do have the philosophy that if the business doesn't work, at least I have learned much and it won't be as costly to do it again. 

    1. Hi Peter, it is like any business, you need customers else you don't have a business. The key with a website is that you need to retain people on your site. Google will check if people stay or leave. The longer people stay on your site the higher you will rank on Google. 

      Working your blog every day and putting out 3 to 4 posts a week is a good start, you can read posts from people that are making money online and check what they are putting in there posts. Layout, white spaces, colours schemes, etc.

      Also, you want to make sure that your website loads fast, you can check your site on

  6. You're on the money right here. online business takes time it just doesn't happen over night. you need to have right mindset and surround yourself with positive people. and most importantly how much you want it, it is all about focus and making it happen.
    the article is great.
    most people start online business hoping for it to kickoff without putting any work into it.

    1. You so right Ratri, that's why the lines for lottery tickets are so long. With anything in life, the more you put in the more you going to get out.