Six Figure Mentors Review - Scam or is it Worth your Money and Time?


Name: SFM or Six Figure Mentors


Owners: Stuart and Jay

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100



I joined the Six Figure Mentors one month ago. I watch an ad on YouTube and got interested in their product.

They promised a 30-day money-back guarantee and the initial workshop was free. So I signed up and watched the workshop, still interested and then signed up to become a member.

I stayed a member for 29 days and tested their system and asked for my money back and here is why.

SFM, Product Overview

The product that they sell at SFM is an all in one platform (which is not entirely true) for creating a profitable online business.

Once you become a Premium Member ($297 and then $97/month) then they tell you about their Digital Business Lounge.

You are made a free member here, so no real advantage, you could have joined there for free without signing for SFM.

To take full benefit of the Digital Business Lounge you need to become a paying member for $49/month.

You get a dedicated person assigned to you that you believe is there to help you, but his real job is to guide you through their sales funnel and upsell the high-end stuff.

So I will be going through with you what my experience is with SFM

The Good & the Bad

The Good

  • The training is good and well organised on their platform.
  • The owners Stuart and Jay are likable guys and have charisma.
  • SFM has 2 Facebook groups that are private, where you can communicate with other members, this is for lower entry-level.
  • SFM has a Facebook group for higher-level members.
  • SMF has a good customer support system, that works.
  • They have 3-4 live webinars a week on different subjects.
  • They will refund your money if you quit within the 30-day trial period, no questions asked. This is for the lowest paid member level. If you sign up for the high paid ticket items, there are only the standard 2-day cooling-off period refunds.
  • SFM pay their commissions on time.
  • Members that have bought into the higher levels can become part of the system and become mentors to the lower levels.
  • You get 2 free Websites that you can create, that are hosted on their platform.
  • You create a list of people that you can target for future sales promotions.
  • At the start, SFM provides you with their generic sales funnel mini-site that you couple to your website

The Bad

  • Not explicitly stating what the costs are going to be.
  • Multiple platforms that you work with, which can be confusing, to say the least.
  • Once you invested your time building your website, you are asked to go to the next level where they will show you how you can make money more quickly. SFM just moves the carrot further out, so you feel that you need to play catch up. This is how they get you to buy into the next level.
  • They tell you how to set up your website but don't tell you upfront what is important for Google to rank you online. So you create your website and then afterwards you have to rehash it again.
  • Only if you buy into the higher ticket items you will receive a higher commission on products that people buy that you signed up.
  • Support system doesn't always apply quickly sometimes can take over an hour to get a reply.
  • You still need to modify sales funnel mini-site, to get a good result. This is taught in the high-end ticket items.
  • Having to pay through the nose for skills that you can get elsewhere for free or as little as $1.65/day
  • You share your list with them.

Who is SFM For?

SFM is for anyone with their own business that wants to get an online presence or people that want to start an online business from scratch.

SFM Tools & Training


Training is organised via the SFM platform, the Digital Business Lounge platform and you also get access to the Linkedin training platform.

This doesn't make for an easy learning experience and I have found myself lost at many times.

Also, the SFM community is set up in a Facebook group, the digital business lounge community is set up in the digital business lounge.

Members from the Digital Business Lounge are not necessarily members of SFM. So all of this makes it a lot harder to navigate to the system.

Training that is provided through webinars can be followed live or watched on a recorded version. The webinars are done over and over on the same topic with a different audience of course.

For me sitting through these webinars that can take over 2 hours, is a very long stretch. Maybe because I don't need to be motivated and I am more a doer than listening to the same story over and over again.

That said the training had good information in it and I learned a lot from it, but the same information you can get from other places, much, much cheaper.

SFM Support

SFM has a support system that works well. There are actually three systems of support. The SFM support, the DBL (Digital Business Lounge) support and support through Facebook groups.

I used the different support avenues myself extensively and they work well.

The only thing I think they can do better is to integrate everything into one platform.

I say this because in the SFM sales pitch they advertise the benefits that the DBL platform provides. If you want to get more benefits from the DBL platform, you can either become a paid member with DBL or do an upsell in SFM.

Again all of this is very confusing.

SFM Price structure

Free workshop to start with.

  • $29 Student Level which includes
  • Digital Business System Introductory Module.
  • Learn how this education and system can help you start the right business through and one to one Consultation. $297 and $97/month Essential Membership
  • Student level plus.
  • Live Event Recordings.
  • Digital Business System Modules - Lifestyle Blueprint, Setup, Marketing Blueprint, Training Curriculum.
  • SFM Essential Curriculum - Step by Step Marketing Blueprint.
  • Training Library (marketing training, specific tactics, broken down by experience level).
  • Complimentary DBL FREE membership.
  • Step-by-step Digital Business System setup and training modules.
  • Access to Private FB group.
  • Multiple weekly live training webinars.
  • Live event eligibility (events held multiple times throughout the year in the US, UK, and AUS). $2500 Elite Membership.
  • Essential Membership plus.
  • System Setup Certification.
  • Recurring exclusive webinars featuring prominent leaders and experts sharing knowledge.

My Final Opinion of SFM

SFM is a mentor system build on top of the DBL.

The integration is confusing, to say the least.

The upselling is done through a nifty system. They have you create your website, you put time and effort into it.

You get to the training were you learn how to market your website and they give you a choice, you can either market it the old fashion way through writing content and promoting it on social media or you pay $2500 and we show you how you can do it quicker.

It is putting people in a place where they have to make the decision, pay the money and get the knowledge about how to do it in an easier way or start writing posts and get ranked on Google.

SMF still advises you to write content or have others write content for you, for a price obviously.

Then on top of that, they have other business systems that can range up to $20,000.

What I didn't like about SMF, was that you had to pay extra for a lot of other things and it wasn't a real platform that had everything covered.

For me, it wasn't worth it. I had to fork out thousands of dollars for creating an online business and then focus mainly on paid advertising.

In my opinion, It is better to create a sustainable online business that works now and in the future. This can be done through the Wealthy Affiliate platform, which is 100 times better and 100 times cheaper to us.

The DBL platform, in my opinion, is a cheap copy of the Wealthy Affiliate platform and the SFM platform they created to be able to upsell their mentoring facilities.

Yes, I know that the system works and that you can make money out of it.

Is it worth it, I don't think so? Not when you have got Wealthy Affiliate.



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Eric Beins

I am an online entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, a husband and father.
I work from home and anywhere I travel to in the world. 

I started my online business because the world is changing fast and my offline opportunities (Jobs) are disappearing. 

You can do this too and I am here to make your journey easier than mine.
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12 comments on “Six Figure Mentors Review - Scam or is it Worth your Money and Time?”

  1. My first thought was "wow, that's a lot of money they're asking" - $297 plus $97 a month. I can't really see how they can justify such a high cost. It might be legit but that doesn't mean it's value for money. I agree, Wealthy Affiliate is cheaper and provides everything that Six Figure Mentors appears to offer, plus a whole load more besides. Thank you for the really honest and well-research review and I'm relieved you come to the conclusion there are better platforms out there for far less money.

    1. Drinkteahub, SFM has products ranging up to $20,000. Their approach is different from Wealthy Affiliate. I compare it like this. Wealthy Affiliate sells you a Toyota and SFM sells you a Ferrari. We all know that Toyotas are very reliable cars, have many features and will drive along time into the future. A Ferrari is an overpriced car with little features but comes with status. It might go fast, but also can crash at high speeds. That is why many people opt-out out of SFM. Retaining rate is not high. 

  2. Thanks for this really honest review on six figure mentor. I must say the program is quite good and convincing for anyone who has plans on going into it. I love the idea of private group which they have and can help one gain better understanding of the business. But looking at helping you with your ranking on Googles, how do I gain better ranking as a newbie considering the fact that I don't get assistance from them on that.?

    1. Hi Chloe, they have got training on getting your website to rank on Google. And you can ask for help on the Facebook group. But at the Essential level, you need to work your way through it. You have got what they call a system consultant, he will explain the system to you and his aim is to give you reasons to buy the upsell. He will get a commission of that. Same as if you go to a broker for a home loan. They don't force you to buy, they just give you reasons why they think you should buy.

  3. Thank you for your post. It is informative and useful for me. I started online business this year and are actively looking for money-making program.

    I purchase several program without success. They generally started with free or low-price to lure you into the program. After you get into the program, they have a lot of upsells in order to make the program working or making any money.

    Although SFM is not typical scam program, it is fall into the sub-scam category. They don't provide clear description on how much to pay for their program. After you get into the program, they sell you a lot of stuff and pay less attention to your success. I have no attention to join this program.

    It is kind of you spending your precious time to review and share this helpful information with us.

    1. I joined their program because at the start, it looked like a good platform for me. I didn't dwindle on their platform I actively participated and they even gave me a rising star award in their facebook group. I really enjoyed the platform, but I can honestly say the Wealthy Affiliate platform is so much better in the way it is setup. I honestly believe that SFM modelled their platform after Wealthy Affiliate.

  4. oh this is really good and I like that you could put this up here. I have heard of six figure mentor and I was thinking of jumping in the platform to get some presence inline. It didn't look so expensive to me, so I felt I should give it a go. Didn't know about the upsells and that it can be confusing too. Well, I guess I can back out now. Overall, SMF is good but mostly for beginners and even at that, it is too expensive plus the upsells. Thanks!

    1. Hi Henderson, Wealthy Affiliate is the best all in one platform around that works. And yes, you need to learn new skills and you might be out of your comfort zone but it is well worth it. It will only cost you $49/month. With SFM you get 5 websites for $297 upfront and $97/month. Wealthy Affiliate gives you 25 websites. There are many things where Wealthy Affiliate is much better.

  5. Great post the $29 Membership sounds reasonable to me but for me to pay $97 I should be able to understand their program and I see the cost of $2,500 That you pay maybe when you have seen success and I am fine with WA.

    Though I am tempted to try out their $29 membership fee and see for my self you mentioned that the workshop is free, is it really free? Or you need to pay $29 as a student and then get the free workshop.

    Great post and will check out the program 

    1. Hi Cinderella, the $29 student fee just let you have a look at their platform. They will give you a refund if you cancel within 30 days, no questions asked. The $2500 Elite membership gives you exclusive webinars with their top mentors and they will go over your business setup with you. This is a yearly fee. Also when you are Elite member your affiliate commissions on Elite memberships will be $1000 instead of $250. There are still other products they sell $8000 and up. 

  6. It sounds more like a money making platform for them rather than helping us to make money online. I never heard about SFM until I saw your blog, it would be good if you can place the introduction of SFM at the very beginning part! The over all reviews are very details and precise, thanks so much for the details and experience. It definitely can help people that are looking into it and reconsider using this platform to make money or not. Do they have good testimonial? Any real cases that can really make money?

    1. Hi Yuna, yes people are making money with SFM. SFM is legit. The People within the SFM community are nice people like in Wealthy Affiliate. Their training is good, but they have good a nifty system of guiding you through their sales funnel and making you want to pay for the next level. Making you feel that you need it. The wealthy affiliate platform you get everything SFM provide and more for a fraction of the price. I think SFM exists because people are willing to pay that kind of money for what SFM provides. It is like buying a car, a car gets you from A to B, some people drive a Toyota, others are happy to pay for a Ferrari.